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My name is Zoe (pronounced "Zo") and I'm a Christian evangelist and independent graphic designer.   I'm the director of Declaring Truth Ministries and the creator of the Christian t-shirt brand, Spurgeon Gear.


When I'm not preaching on the streets of Louisiana or creating evangelism resources for the Church, I'm creating art for King Jesus.  


I love creating logos and branding assets for churches, ministries, and Christian-owned small businesses.  God created all things, and because we were made in His image, we create (Gen. 1:27).  God puts all things into order, which is one of the primary goals of good design.  God calls His people to communicate the Good News of Jesus to the world with clarity and precision.  We also, as Christian leaders, ought to do the same if we are going to successfully communicate with our target audience.

So whether it's a rebranding project for an older church, a new ministry that you are beginning to fundraise for, or you want to better distinguish your growing small business from the competition, reach out and let us know how we can help you.

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Zoe White




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Zoe R. White

Independent Graphic Designer  |  Zoe White Graphic Design

Director  |  Declaring Truth Ministries


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